Electronic VNT and LDA control for mechanically governed diesel engines

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Settings boost characteristics

vntActuatorPressureRequestMap is 8x8 map (RPM vs. TPS) which contains requested pressure from turbo on each control point. If you see the picture, it does have 0.50bar (50kPa) at when gas is lightly pressed during entire rpm ange. If you press gas more, pressure goes up to 1bar (100kPa) and if you press gas fully down and engine rev over 2500rpm you should get 1.5bar (151kPa) pressure. Actually charge pressure is a little less than value specified here, but that is normal.

vntActuatorPositionLimitMap limits the max movement of the actuator. You should limit it at small engine speeds (top/left side of map). This helps to maintain constant pressure during by preventing opening vanes too much.

vntActuatorMovementRemap Defines the linearity of control curve. By decreasing values left side gives you boost generate more quickly, but may bring exhaust manifold pressure too high.