Dmn's Electronic Diesel Control

Custom ECU for diesel engines with Bosch VP37 pumps

Project goals

Hardware & Software

CPU for ecu is Arduino Mega, 8bit 16MHz microcontroller using AVR chip. Software can be uploaded to the board using Arduino IDE on Mac, Linux or Windows. Configuration is done with text-based interface using serial connection over USB port.

Hardware schematics is released soon when PCB design is finished.

Download source code for Release-6 (2013-11-26) from here.


Functionality implemented so far:

Functionality needs to be implemented soon:

Functionality planned to be implemented:


Test drive with car and improved design (2013)

Test engine installation (2012)

Configuration interface screen captures

Connected to DMN-EDC over serial connection from laptop. Showing: Main menu, Fault memory, Adaptation/Configuration and Map Editor.

Debugging and Monitoring software

You can also connect to DMN-EDC with EDCstimulator, which provides graphical view what's happening inside. Showing: Generic meters view and PID control history, Data dump for every calculation cycle for about 1 sec, and built-in terminal emulator.

Questions, feedback or ideas?

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